International moving services

Dear visitors,

my name is Roman Hruška and I am running a Moving company “SE ŠŤOPKOU” that specializes in international moving services across the Europe. Thanks to the location of our company headquarters – Brno, Czech republic – central Europe – we are ready to provide affordable moving services for wide range of relocations.

We have experience with international movings (Romania, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, France, Belgium…) and we are ready to make a good deal for You!
We are not just usual moving company. Check this website around and our Facebook too to see what are we doing 😉

All carriage is insured up to 37.000 € (1.000.000 CZK).
Terms and conditions for Transport and Moving services

How it works?
1) Contact us, we will estimate a price for you.
2) We will make a list of things to move and arrange date and time to move.
3) You will pay deposit around 50% of the price.
4) We will come and load at scheduled place, date and time, drive with care (1 or 2 persons can join the driver) and unload in drop-off location. Rest of the price is paid while unloading.
5) That’s it!

Our service is mostly suitable for customers who has bigger amount of things (full van). If you have 5-10 boxes, than we are happy to help too, but if you want to save money, try to estimate also how much it can cost to send it via post. We advice to use other service, strange, huh? But we just want all you to be satisfied :))

History of our international movings:

Maybe you are interested in moving or relocation in these directions…

From/to Czech republic to/from Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Denmark, Netherlands, Benelux, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, ….
Brno – Prague, Brno – Bratislava, Brno – Ostrava, Brno – Košice, Brno – Budapest, Brno – Dresden, Brno – Berlin, Brno – Krakow, Brno – Warsawa, Brno – Wroclaw, Brno – Lodz, Brno – Gdansk, Brno – Bialystok, Brno – Lublin, Brno – Zakopane, Brno – Lviv, Brno – Hannover, Brno – Hamburg, Brno – Szceczin, Brno – Wien, Brno – Graz, Brno – Salzburg, Brno – Amsterdam, Brno – Brusel, Brno – Zagreb, Brno – Ljubljana, Brno – Sofia, Brno – Riga, Brno – Talinn, Brno – Vilnius, Brno – Kobenhavn, Brno – Skopje, Brno – Sarajevo…. and others 😉
Or to move between these cities: Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Košice, Budapest, Dresden, Berlin, Krakow, Warsawa, Wroclav, Lodz, Gdansk, Bialystok, Lublin, Zakopane, Lviv, Hannover, Hamburg, Szceczin, Wien (Veinna), Graz, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Brusel, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sofia, Riga, Talin, Vilnius, Kobenhavn, Skopje, Sarajevo, …. and others 😉