DSC_0624-1We understand that money is an important factor, which is why we’re trying to keep our prices low.

Please note that after the first hour we charge our customers per half-hour.

Price list in reconstruction! Meanwhile the calculation is done individually on request! Thank you for understanding! 🙂

Moving within Brno

This tarrif is valid when the departure and destination places are within area marked on this map (Brno without outskirt areas). Otherwise we count kilometers, as it is moving out of Brno (below).

Variant Tarif
van + 1 worker 425 Kč / hour
van + 2 workers 600 Kč / hour
+ 1 extra worker 200-250 Kč / hour
based on difficulty

Arrival of van is FREE. Time is counted from arrival of van till the last piece is unloaded

ATTENTION! In case you are moving to/from area where residental parking is in operation, we will need a permit and/or there can be additional costs. Please read More information here

Moving out of Brno

To get a quote, please contact us!

  • Price consists of kilometers tarif + duration tarif.
  • Kilometers are counted for the whole journey from our depot to your destination and back.
  • For moving abroad (international moving) – total sum is discounted up to 30% 🙂 Please, contact us for estimating the price.

To give you a better idea about the total cost of our services: (prices are approximate)
Smaller-scale move within Brno – CZK 425 to 850, bigger-scale (full flat) – CZK 2000 – 6000,
Transport from Brno to Prague  – CZK 4500 (1h load, 1h unload + journey),
Transport from IKEA Brno to the city centre – CZK 450, from IKEA Brno to Brno Bystrc – CZK 700 (within 1 hour)

Boxes for your moving!

We are ready to lend you classic banana boxes – 52 x 39 x 24 cm, load capacity: 30 kg, and other kind of boxes. This service is (usually) suitable only for moving within Brno.

Delivery of boxes before moving / picking up the boxes after moving within Brno  250 CZK
Personal pick up OR give back of boxes (Fillova, Brno)  100 CZK
Cost of box lease: 1 – 10 boxes  FREE
Refundable deposit  300 CZK
  • The “worker” mentioned always assists with the move.
  • Arrival of van in Brno is not counted to duration of moving.
  • If you want to save money, please put everything that needs to be transported in front of your house or outside your door, and dismantle all bigger pieces of furniture.
  • If at all possible, please reserve a space for our van in front of your house. The closer to your building our van will be, the faster and cheaper the move.
  • You can pay either with cash at the end of the move, or via bank transfer. In case of a bigger move we will ask for half the price in cash as an advance payment. Please contact us to discuss the details.
  • We can prepare a bill on request.
  • Price in EUR are only informal. Real price in EUR is counted from price in CZK according to actual exchange rate.
  • Please check your things immideatelly after our worker brings them to the new flat. Later claims will not be taken into account.